Direct Holdings Worldwide, L.L.C.

Formed by ZMC and Ripplewood Holdings in July, 2003, Direct Holdings Worldwide, L.L.C. was the parent company of both Lillian Vernon and the direct marketing business of Time Life. Lillian Vernon was sold to an affiliate of Sun Capital in September, 2006. Time Life was acquired by Reader’s Digest on March 2, 2007.

Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon Corporation is a specialty catalog and online retailer that markets gift, household, kitchen, gardening, Christmas, and children's products. The company is one of the largest specialty catalog marketers in the United States. Lillian Vernon was purchased in April, 2003 by Ripplewood Holdings and ZelnickMedia. The company was sold to an affiliate of Sun Capital in May 2006.

Time Life

The Time Life brand is one of the most trusted and respected in the world of media and entertainment. Direct Holdings acquired the exclusive rights to market Time Life music, videos, DVDs, books and educational materials in December, 2003. The company marketed Time Life products on television, at retail, and by telephone and direct mail. Time Life is a registered trademark of Time Inc. and Time Warner Inc. used under license by Direct Holdings Worldwide, a non-affiliated company. Direct Holdings was acquired by Reader’s Digest in March 2007.