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​Zelnick Gets Revved Up for Bike Racing

New York Post, 06.20.02
Dan Cox
June 20, 2002 --Strauss Zelnick, ever the avid bike rider, is getting behind Threshold Sports LLC to turn bike riding into the nationwide craze that it is in Europe.

ZelnickMedia is putting a small amount of cash behind Threshold, which is a Pennsylvania company that produces major international bike races.

Zelnick started his company after being pushed out as CEO of BMG Entertainment.

His company will also help Threshold with media and sponsor relationships to create attention as well as a significant cash flow.

"We're investing in the emerging sport of professional bike racing in the United States," said Jim Friedlich, general partner for ZelnickMedia.

Zelnick, who previously was president/COO of 20th Century Fox, wants bicycling in the U.S. to follow the lead of NASCAR or the PGA Tour.

"The sport has the demographic base, broad public appeal and exciting spectator potential to become the sport of choice of health-conscious Americans."

The first race Threshold will sponsor in New York will be held Aug. 4 on Water Street, featuring premiere biker Lance Armstrong.